How to Stop Sliding Down Wedge Pillow

Are you tired of trying to keep your wedge pillow from sliding down? Are you constantly rearranging it but still feel like it just won’t stay in place? Don’t worry, as we have the perfect solution for keeping both your body and your wedge pillow aligned! With some simple craft supplies such as fabric and a few fun embellishments, you can quickly create an effective way to prevent any slippage.

How to Stop Sliding Down Wedge Pillow

Not only will this be great for preventing shifting during sleep or relaxation time, but you can use this same technique when coating furniture surfaces and creating stylish bags or purses – the possibilities are endless! Join us today and learn how to stop sliding down wedge pillow to give yourself extra protection against slipping with wonderful homemade covers and accessories.

Why do Wedge Pillows Slide Down?

Wedge pillows are designed to provide support and comfort while in bed. However, the soft material often causes them to slide down when pressure is applied from any direction. This can be caused by a variety of factors, such as body weight, proper support for the spine, or even shifting during sleep.

To prevent this from happening, it’s important to understand the type of wedge pillow you’re using and what kind of cover or accessory could be used to give it more stability.

Things to Consider Before Starting the Project

Before you start using a wedge pillow, it is important to consider the following:

  • The size of your bed and mattress – a larger bed requires a wider wedge pillow.
  • Your sleeping position – different shapes are available, so choose one that fits your needs best.
  • Your body type – heavier individuals may need a firmer wedge pillow to prevent slipping.
  • Your budget – compare different pillows to find the one that fits your budget and needs.
  • Extras – consider investing in a mattress topper or extra pillows for further support.

By taking these things into consideration, you can ensure that you choose the right wedge pillow for your needs and don’t have to worry about sliding down throughout the night.

Required Items

Before starting your project, you should gather the following materials:

  • The fabric material of your choice: light cotton or polyester, for example
  • Elastic strings/bands to attach the fabric
  • Embellishments such as buttons or lace
  • Glue gun for decorative touches

10 Ways How to Stop Sliding Down Wedge Pillow

1. Create a Cover

To make your wedge pillow look more stylish, sew a cover that will also help it to stay in place. You can choose from several types of fabric and use embellishments such as buttons or lace to finish off the look. The cover will need to be slightly larger than the pillow itself and should have an elastic band attached at the bottom for extra security.

Choose From Several Types of Fabric

2. Use a Non-Slip Mat

Using a non-slip mat beneath your wedge pillow will help prevent it from sliding down throughout the night. Place the mat on top of your mattress, and then put your wedge pillow on top. This will provide extra grip and help to keep it in place.

3. Place Towels Underneath

Placing a few towels underneath your wedge pillow can be an effective way to prevent sliding down. Select an appropriate size of towel that will completely cover the area beneath the pillow, then put them on top of the mattress. Your wedge pillow will stay in place securely while you sleep comfortably.

4. Secure With a Belt

If you don’t want to use towels or a non-slip mat, you can also secure your wedge pillow with a belt or strap. Thread the belt through the back of the pillow and then wrap it around your mattress. This will provide extra grip and make sure that the pillow stays in place throughout the night.

5. Attach Weights

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your wedge pillow from slipping down, try attaching weights to the back or sides of it. Sandbags, penny pouches, or even heavy fabric will all be suitable alternatives. Just make sure that whatever you use is securely attached and won’t come undone during the night.

6. Add Gripping Strips

Gripping strips are a great way to keep your wedge pillow from sliding down, as they provide extra grip against the mattress surface. You can purchase these strips from most hardware stores or online. Just make sure to adhere the strips correctly and securely onto your pillow before using them.

7. Use Duct Tape

Duct tape is a very effective material for keeping wedge pillows from sliding down, as it provides great adhesion and grip against the mattress surface. Make sure to measure out the amount of duct tape needed to cover the entire surface area of your wedge pillow. This will ensure that it stays in place all night.

Duct Tape is a Very Effective Material

8. Place a Rug

Placing a rug underneath your wedge pillow is another great way to keep it from sliding down. The rug should be large enough to completely cover the mattress and provide extra grip against it.

9. Use Non-Slip Sheets

Non-slip sheets are a great solution for keeping your wedge pillow from shifting throughout the night. The non-slip material will provide extra grip against the mattress and ensure that your pillow stays in place all night long.

10. Adjust Your Pillow Position 

If you’re having trouble keeping your wedge pillow from sliding down, try adjusting it to a different position. You may find that placing the pillow slightly higher or lower on the mattress will provide more stability and keep it in place better. Experiment with different angles until you find the right one for you.

By following these steps and using the right materials, you can ensure that your wedge pillow will stay in place throughout the night and provide you with a comfortable sleep experience. With a little bit of effort, you’ll be able to keep sliding down wedge pillows from becoming an issue for you anymore.

8 Common Mistakes to Avoid 

1. Not using enough pillows. The wedge pillow should be used in combination with other pillows to keep you from sliding down throughout the night. It is also important to ensure that the pillows are properly propped up to prevent sliding.

2. Not using a firm mattress. A soft mattress can contribute to a person slipping down if there isn’t enough support for the wedge pillow. It is best to use as firm of a mattress as possible, such as memory foam or latex beds, for the best support.

Use as Firm of a Mattress as Possible

3. Not using a mattress topper. Adding an extra layer of cushioning with a mattress topper can help prevent sliding down the wedge pillow and keep you comfortably in place throughout the night.

4. Not having the correct size wedge pillow. The size of your bed should correspond with the size of your wedge pillow, as larger beds will require a wider wedge pillow to keep you from slipping off.

5. Not tucking the sheets in. Tucking in the bedsheets around the wedge pillow can help provide extra stability and support, keeping you securely in place throughout the night. Sheets that are loose can cause you to slip.

6. Not using a properly shaped wedge pillow. Wedge pillows come in several shapes, depending on the purpose of use, and it is important to ensure you choose the right shape for your needs. For example, a wedge pillow with an angled slope will help keep you from sliding down as opposed to a flat pillow.

7. Not using the wedge pillow correctly. The angle of the wedge should be at least an incline of 30 degrees in order for it to be effective, so make sure you are positioning the wedge correctly to keep you from slipping down throughout the night.

8. Not making sure your weight is evenly distributed across the wedge pillow. Placing all of your weight on one side can cause you to slip down the wedge and can also lead to discomfort. Make sure your weight is evenly distributed across the wedge pillow so that you remain comfortable and in place throughout the night.

Weight is Evenly Distributed Across the Wedge Pillow

By avoiding these common mistakes when using a wedge pillow, you can ensure that you stay comfortably in place throughout the night and don’t slip down the wedge pillow. With proper use, you can get a good night’s sleep without worrying about slipping off your wedge pillow.


Learning how to stop slipping down wedge pillow can be a challenging task. However, with the right type of pillow and the tips above, it’s possible to find the perfect positioning for your body and enjoy maximum comfort and support.

Additionally, you can look into customizing your own wedge pillow with things like memory foam or different materials for added comfort and support. As a result, you won’t have to worry about sliding down your wedge pillow ever again!

Take some time to experiment by trying out different methods, such as elevating your headboard or using straps to hold the cushion in place. It might take a bit of trial and error, but eventually, you’ll find what works for you. Lastly, why not try making your own wedge pillow?

With just some fabric, foam, and a few other supplies from your local hardware or craft store and this easy guide on how to stop sliding down wedge pillow, it’s an easy project that could help ensure that you get the most out of your sleep every night. So try something new today that may just make all the difference!

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