How to Keep Split King Mattresses Together

Split king mattresses, consisting of two separate mattresses placed side by side, offer personalized comfort for couples with differing sleep preferences. However, one common challenge with split king mattresses is keeping them from drifting apart and creating a gap in the middle.

How to Keep Split King Mattresses Together

This can disrupt sleep and cause discomfort. Fortunately, there are several effective solutions to keep split king mattresses together, ensuring undisturbed sleep and a cohesive sleeping surface. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various methods on how to keep split king mattresses together.

From using mattress connectors and straps to employing non-slip pads and adhesive strips, we will provide you with practical tips and techniques to keep your split king mattresses securely in place. Say goodbye to middle-of-the-night gaps and enjoy uninterrupted sleep with these tried-and-tested solutions.

What Is the Best Way to Keep Two Mattresses Together?

When it comes to keeping two mattresses together, the best way is to use a split king-sized bed frame. Because each mattress section of a split king mattress is the same size as an individual twin mattress, having two twin bed frames and then joining them at the head and foot with a metal connector bracket will ensure that both sides stay firmly in place.

Another option is using adjustable steel brackets that can be attached to the box spring or wooden slats inside your existing bed frame. This method allows you to adjust the distance between the two mattresses for comfort preferences and also makes sure that both sides remain securely in place.

Using Adjustable Steel Brackets

If neither of these methods are feasible, you can always use furniture straps or bungee cords to keep the mattresses together. This method is not very aesthetically pleasing and it is more likely that one side will move out of alignment with the other, but it can do in a pinch.

Do Split King Mattresses Separate?

Split King mattresses are designed to separate so they can accommodate two individuals with different mattress preferences. This means that Split King mattresses typically come with two individual bases that each hold one side of the mattress, allowing them to be adjusted independently for the desired comfort level of each person.

While it is possible to keep Split King mattresses together, it may be difficult to do so because the two bases are not connected and may shift or separate during sleep.

To keep Split King mattresses together, you can try using mattress straps or clips to secure them in place. These straps will help keep the two sides of the mattress from separating and may also provide additional stability and support by adding tension to the mattress.

Using Mattress Straps or Clips

Additionally, using a mattress pad or protector can help keep the two sides of the Split King mattress together by providing an extra layer of support that will prevent them from shifting and separating during sleep. Lastly, if you have access to furniture-grade sliders, you can use these to attach the bases of each side of the Split King mattress and keep them together more securely.

10 Methods How to Keep Split King Mattresses Together

Method 1: Mattress Connectors

Invest in mattress connectors specifically designed for split king mattresses. These connectors consist of straps or belts that fasten the two mattresses together, preventing them from shifting apart during sleep.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly install and adjust the connectors for optimal effectiveness. Although this is the most secure option for keeping split king mattresses together, it may be difficult to install and adjust the connectors correctly.

Method 2: Non-Slip Pads

Place non-slip pads or grip mats between the two mattresses to create friction and reduce movement. These pads are usually made of rubber or silicone and provide a secure grip, keeping the mattresses in place.

Ensure the pads cover the entire width of the mattresses for maximum effectiveness. Non-slip pads don’t require any installation and can be easily moved should you need to separate the mattresses. Because they’re quite thin, these pads are ideal for tight spaces where a mattress clamp won’t fit. However, they might require replacement over time as wear and tear can affect their

Method 3: Adhesive Strips

Apply adhesive strips to the edges of the mattresses where they meet. These strips have a strong adhesive backing that helps bond the mattresses together, preventing separation. Make sure to use strips designed for mattresses to avoid any damage when removing them in the future.

This method is great for those who want a secure connection that will last. It also helps to reduce noise from partners moving around during the night – an important benefit for those who share a bed. Be sure to use the adhesive strips according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper application and best

Method 4: Bed Bridge

Consider using a bed bridge or mattress connector kit specifically designed for split king mattresses. These kits often include a foam bridge that fills the gap between the two mattresses, creating a seamless sleeping surface. Follow the instructions provided with the kit to properly install and secure the bed bridge.

Method 5: Zippered Mattress Cover

Invest in a zippered mattress cover that encases both mattresses. This type of cover helps hold the mattresses together and prevents them from shifting apart. Choose a cover that is specifically designed for split king mattresses and ensure a snug fit to maintain stability.

Zippered covers are relatively inexpensive and can be found online or at various retail stores. Additionally, they are easy to install and keep clean due to their machine washable fabric.

Method 6: Velcro Strips

Attach Velcro strips to the sides of the mattresses where they meet. Use industrial-strength Velcro for a secure connection. Make sure to align the strips properly and press them firmly together to create a strong bond.

Use Industrial-strength Velcro

Adjust the positioning of the Velcro strips until you get the desired fit. This method can be used in combination with any of the other methods for extra support and stability. Be sure to check the fit of the mattresses periodically throughout the year, as they may become loose over time.

Method 7: Mattress Strap System

Consider using a mattress strap system designed for split king mattresses. These systems typically consist of adjustable straps that wrap around the mattresses and secure them together.

Follow the instructions provided with the strap system to ensure proper installation and tension adjustment. This will provide a more secure connection between the two mattresses and can help keep them from shifting or sliding apart.

While these systems usually require some initial setup, they provide a much more reliable solution than other methods. Additionally, the straps can be adjusted as needed for different sleeping positions or mattress preferences. For added convenience, some straps come with a storage pocket for remotes and other items.

Method 8: Push-together Mattress Pads

Use push-together mattress pads designed specifically for split king mattresses. These pads have a slightly elevated middle section that fills the gap between the mattresses, creating a unified surface.

Place the pads on top of the mattresses and adjust them to align with the edges for a seamless fit. Push-together mattress pads are easy to install and remove when needed. Not only do they keep the mattresses together, but they also help protect them from damage or wear. Additionally, mattress pads can also provide an extra layer of comfort.

Method 9: DIY Solutions

If you prefer a more budget-friendly approach, there are DIY solutions available. For example, you can place a thick foam strip or rolled-up towels between the mattresses to fill the gap and create stability.

Make sure the strip or towels are wide enough to cover the entire width of the mattresses. You can also use a bed bridge, which is essentially a strap or board that connects the two mattresses on either side. This will help keep them from sliding apart and give the bed a more uniform look.

Use a Bed Bridge

Method 10: Adjustable Bed Base

Consider using an adjustable bed base designed for split king mattresses. These bases allow you to raise or lower each side of the bed independently, providing customized comfort while keeping the mattresses aligned.

Adjust the base to ensure the mattresses remain close together during sleep. If you need to move the bed, this type of base is also designed for easy disassembly and reassembly.


After this example, we hope it is clear that it is possible to keep a split king mattress together. There are many methods you can use depending on what works best for your situation and budget.

From buying a specialized bed frame or larger sheet to using foam bridges or rods, there is an option for everyone. Ultimately, committing to easy-to-follow instructions will guarantee that keeping split king mattresses together is achievable and hassle-free.

Do not let the size of larger beds intimidate you – with the help of this guide, such tasks become straightforward and realistic. With the right knowledge and a little bit of determination, having both halves of your split king mattress joined together can be simple! Thanks for reading, and we hope this has given you some inspiration on how to keep split king mattresses together!

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