How to Clean Window Film

Are you tired of looking out onto cloudy and streaky windows that need a good cleaning but don’t want to go the extra mile for lots of scrubbing? Are you tired of having to crawl on top of a ladder while struggling to get a streak-free clean when it comes to your windows?

Window film may be just what you need if you’re looking for an easier way to clean your windows. Window film is an increasingly popular way for homeowners and businesses alike to quickly and efficiently get a streak-free glass that lasts for years or even decades.

An inexpensive yet highly efficient tool, window film can help provide clarity and sparkle back into your home with one quick application. However, it isn’t always easy to keep window films in their best condition – luckily, we have some tips and tricks for how to properly care for them.

How to Clean Window Film

Read on to learn how the right steps on how to clean window film can give newly installed windows an extended lifespan! Read on to find out more!

The Benefits of Cleaning Window Film

1. New Look

The biggest benefit of properly cleaning your window film is its ability to make your windows look like new. Window films can become extremely streaky and cloudy over time, making it difficult for anyone inside or outside of the building to see through them clearly. To avoid this, you should clean your window film at least once a year – more often if necessary – to retain that crystal clear look.

2. Reduce Streaks and Water Spots

When you’re cleaning window films, it’s important to make sure that all streaks and water spots are removed – this is especially true if your windows face a lot of direct sunlight or moisture from rain or snow.

If left untreated, those streak marks can become permanent and can even damage the window film. To avoid this, make sure to clean your windows regularly and use non-abrasive cleaning solutions that won’t damage or scratch the films.

3. Extend Window Film Lifespan

If you want your window film to last longer, then it’s important to properly maintain it on a regular basis. Cleaning your window film regularly can prolong its lifespan and make sure it stays looking fresh for years to come. Regular cleaning also helps you save money in the long run by avoiding premature repairs or replacements.

Required Items for Cleaning Window Film

  1. Soft Cloths
  2. Lint-free clothes or paper towels
  3. Non-abrasive cleaning solutions (such as those intended specifically for window film)
  4. Water
  5. Rubber gloves (optional but recommended when using harsher chemicals in the mix)
  6. Step ladder or extension pole
Lint Free Clothes or Paper Towels

How to Clean Window Film in 10 Steps

Step 1: Cool the Window

Make sure the window is cool to the touch by avoiding direct sunlight. Also, make sure the window is dry before you begin cleaning. Keep in mind that cleaning your window film in direct sunlight can cause damage to the film and reduce its lifespan.

Step 2: Make Your Cleaning Solution

Mix a non-abrasive cleaning agent with water in a spray bottle. It is important to make sure it’s non-abrasive as harsh chemicals can damage the window film. Use rubber gloves if the solution contains harsh chemicals.

Step 3: Spray Solution onto Window Film

Spray the cleaning solution onto a lint-free cloth and then apply it to the window film. Work in small circles, using a light touch to avoid damaging the film. Make sure you are working from top to bottom and that you’re not scrubbing too hard.

Step 4: Wipe off Cleaning Solution

Once the cleaner has been applied to the window film, use a lint-free paper towel or cloth to wipe it off in a circular motion. Make sure you’re not scrubbing too hard and that you are going from top to bottom, as this will ensure an even clean.

Step 5: Rinse Window Film

Rinse the window film with clean water to remove any cleaning solution residue. Make sure you’re using a soft cloth or lint-free paper towel for this step, and avoid scrubbing too hard.

Step 6: Dry Window Film

Use a lint-free cloth or paper towel to dry the window film. Again, make sure you’re moving from top to bottom and that you are not scrubbing any dirt into the film. Window film is often very delicate, so be sure to treat it with care.

Cleaner Has Been Applied to the Window

Step 7: Check for Streaks or Water Spots

Once the window film has been dried, take a look at it from both inside and outside the building. Make sure there are no streaks or water spots visible on the glass. If you do spot any, go back to step 3 and repeat the process.

Step 8: Clean Edges

Using a soft cloth or lint-free paper towel, wipe away any dirt or dust from the edges of the window film. Make sure to clean both sides of the glass for the best results. Cleaning the edges will help to ensure a streak-free finish.

Step 9: Clean the Frame

If your window film has a frame, make sure that you clean this as well. This is an important step as it ensures that no dirt or dust gets trapped between the glass and the frame, which can lead to streaks and water spots on the glass.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Once you have followed the steps above, you can now enjoy looking at your crystal clear windows. Make sure to repeat this process at least once a year (or more, depending on the condition of the window film) to keep it in tip-top shape for years to come!

Cleaning window films doesn’t have to be a difficult task – with the right set of tools and knowledge, you can make sure your windows remain streak-free for years to come. Follow these steps and watch as your windows sparkle like new!

8 Maintenance Tips

To keep your window film looking clean and new, there are a few important tips you should follow.

Using a Soft Cloth
  1. Use only mild detergents (like dish soap) or special cleaning solutions made for window film when cleaning your glass; harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbing can damage the protective coating of the window film.
  2. Dilute your cleaning solutions in warm water and use a soft cloth or sponge to gently wipe down the window film. Dilute too much, and you won’t be able to remove the dirt; use too little, and it will take longer to clean.
  3. Rinse off the window film with plain water afterward to reduce streaking; otherwise, you may have a hard time removing any residual soap or cleaning solution residue left on the glass.
  4. Don’t use paper towels, as the fibers used in them can potentially scratch or damage the film. Use a soft cloth instead for best results. Also, avoid using abrasive scrubbers or sponges.
  5. Regularly clean your window film with a mild soap or cleaning solution to help prevent dirt from building up and making it harder to remove later on.
  6. Avoid using any sharp objects when removing debris from the window film, as this could potentially cause scratches or other damage. Sharp objects can also make it easier for dirt to get stuck behind the window film.
  7. Do not use harsh chemical cleaners, such as ammonia-based or bleach-based solutions, as these can be too hard on the window film and can reduce its life expectancy. The cleaners can also cause discoloration of the window film.
  8. If you notice any peeling or bubbling on your window film, contact a professional to have it repaired as soon as possible. This is important because peeling and bubbling can be an indication that the adhesive used to attach the window film isn’t holding up correctly, which could lead to further damage.
Use Only Mild Detergents

Following these 8 tips will help ensure your window film remains in good condition and looks brand new for years to come. Remember, regular maintenance is key for keeping your window film clean and free from dirt and debris. With a little bit of effort, you can be sure that your windows will remain sparkling year after year!

If you find yourself in need of window film replacement, make sure to choose a product that is of good quality and designed specifically for your windows.


Cleaning window film can reduce sun damage and increase privacy, making your home look immaculate inside and out. However, it is important to note that different types of films require different cleaning methods. In general, gentle cleaning products are recommended, but the proper technique and tools will depend on the type of film you have installed.

Once you become familiar with the specific care instructions on how to clean window film for your window film, keeping it clean becomes easy and straightforward. From choosing the right cleaner to actually removing stains and smudges with a microfiber cloth or squeegee, there are plenty of maintenance practices that will keep your windows looking spotless throughout the year.

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