How to Add Doors to Cube Storage

Do you have cube storage that could use a bit of an upgrade? Adding doors to your existing cube storage units can instantly make the space look more attractive while also allowing for some privacy and hiding away items you do not necessarily want on display.

How to Add Doors to Cube Storage

If you’re looking for an easy way to update your cube storage and add stylish doors to conceal the items inside, then you’ve come to the right place. This tutorial will take you step-by-step through the process of transforming a basic cube shelf into a sophisticated piece of furniture with doors that bring visual appeal, convenience, and organization to any room in your home.

With just simple tools and supplies from any home improvement store, you can create a sleek solution that helps keep everything neatly tucked away! Keep reading for all the details on how to add doors to cube storage.

What Will You Need?

To get started, you will need to purchase the following items:

  1. Doors for cube storage: These come in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can pick the one that fits your room best
  2. Screws: 2-inch screws are recommended to securely attach the door hinges to the cubes
  3. Hinges: Choose hinges that match the style of your doors and also fit the size of your cube storage
  4. Drill and drill bits: You’ll need these to pre-drill the holes for your screws
  5. Level: Use this to make sure everything is evenly aligned when attaching the doors
  6. Screwdriver: An electric model is recommended, but a manual screwdriver will also work

Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to start!

10 Easy Steps on How to Add Doors to Cube Storage

Step 1: Measure Your Cube Storage and Doors

The first step is to measure your cube storage and the doors you purchased. Make sure to measure both the width and height of each piece of furniture so that you can be sure the doors fit properly.

Measure Your Cube Storage and the Doors

Once you have all the measurements, mark them on paper or write them down. You will need this information when you go to attach the doors.

Step 2: Pre-Drill Holes for Screws

Now that you have your measurements, it’s time to pre-drill holes for the screws that will hold the door hinges in place. Make sure to use a drill bit slightly smaller than your screws so that the screws fit snugly and securely. Remember to use the level to ensure your holes are even and straight.

Step 3: Line Up Doors With Cube Storage

After pre-drilling the holes, the next step is to line up the doors with your cube storage. Hold the door to the cube and align it with the holes you’ve drilled. It’s recommended to leave a small gap at the bottom to prevent the door from scratching the floor or carpet. Using your level once again, ensure the door is perfectly vertical.

Once the door is positioned correctly, mark where the hinges will go on the cube storage unit. Take your time with this step, as accurate alignment is crucial for the door to open and close properly.

Step 4: Attach Hinges to Doors

Now that you have your door aligned and the spots for hinges are marked, it’s time to attach them to your doors. Take the hinge and align it with the pre-drilled holes on the door. Insert the screws into the holes and tighten them with your screwdriver. Ensure the hinge is securely attached and can swing freely. Repeat this process for the second hinge, ensuring it is level with the first. It’s important to be precise during this step, as any misalignment of the hinges can affect how your door opens and closes.

Screws Into the Holes and Tighten Them With Your Screwdriver

Step 5: Attach Doors to Cube Storage

With the hinges now attached to your doors, it’s time to affix the doors to your cube storage unit. Align the door to the marks you made on the cube storage, and ensure the hinges are flat against the unit. Insert the screws into the pre-drilled holes in the cube unit and tighten them using your screwdriver. 

While you’re doing this, it’s essential to check that the door is level continuously. If the door isn’t level, loosen the screws slightly, adjust the door, and then tighten the screws again. Repeat this process with the remaining doors once you’re sure the door is attached correctly and swings open and closes smoothly.

Step 6: Check Door Alignment

After all doors are attached, it’s important to double-check their alignment. Open and close each door to ensure they swing freely without any obstructions or scraping.

If a door isn’t perfectly aligned, you can adjust it by slightly loosening the screws, repositioning the door, and then tightening the screws once it’s properly adjusted. Remember, patience is key here; getting perfect alignment might take a few tries, but the result will be worth it.

Step 7: Add Door Handles

Next, you’ll want to add door handles for easy opening and closing. Most door handles come with screws and are easily attached by drilling holes in the desired location on the door and then screwing in the handles. Make sure to measure the location of the handles so they are in the same place on each door for a uniform look.

Once again, ensure that your handles are straight by using the level. After attaching, check that the handles are secure and that the doors open and close smoothly.

Step 8: Final Adjustments and Finishing Touches

With the door handles attached, your cube storage with added doors is nearly complete. Now is the time to make any final adjustments. Examine the doors closely, looking for any misalignment or screws needing further tightening. Ensure each door opens and closes smoothly and the handles are securely attached. If you observe any imperfections, make necessary adjustments.

Door Handles Attached Your Cube Storage

Finally, give your cube storage a good wipe down to remove dust or debris from the installation process. Voila! You now have a stylish and functional cube storage unit with sleek doors.

Step 9: Enjoy Your Upgraded Cube Storage

Congratulations! You’ve successfully added doors to your cube storage. Not only have you improved the aesthetics of your room, but you have also added a functional element to your storage unit.

Now it’s time to organize your items inside. Whether you’re storing books, clothes, or miscellaneous items, your new doors will keep them out of sight and dust-free. Enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done and your cube storage’s upgraded look and usability.

Step 10: Maintenance and Care

Like any piece of furniture, your upgraded cube storage requires periodic maintenance to ensure it remains in good condition. Regularly check the screws and tighten them if necessary to prevent the doors from getting loose. Clean the doors with a mild cleaner to keep them looking fresh and new. Also, remember to handle the doors gently to avoid damaging the hinges.

With proper care, your cube storage with added doors will serve you for many years to come.

Proper Care Your Cube Storage With Added Doors

By following these steps, you can easily add doors to your cube storage and create functional and aesthetically pleasing storage space. The added doors will make your cube storage look stylish and inviting whether you’re using it in a bedroom or living room. With this upgrade, you can store items out of sight while adding a modern touch to your home décor.

5 Additional Tips and Tricks

  1. Choose the Right Door Type: The first step in adding doors to cube storage is to select the appropriate door type. Evaluate the overall design of your space and determine whether swing doors, sliding doors, or even a combination of both would suit your needs best.
  2. Measure Accurately: The second step in adding doors to cube storage is accurately measuring your cube storage space. Use a tape measure to get the exact dimensions of each cube, noting down the width, height, and depth.
  3. Securely Attach Hinges: The third step in adding doors to cube storage is to attach hinges, if necessary, securely. Swing door installations will require door hinges and screws, while sliding door installations may require a track system with guide rollers or a rail.
  4. Choose Quality Materials: The fourth step in adding doors to cube storage is to choose quality materials for your door and hardware. Ensure that the hinges, screws, tracks, and other components are durable enough to withstand regular use.
  5. Plan Ahead: Lastly, it’s important to plan when adding doors to cube storage. Consider the frequency of use and how the door will complement your existing interior design. If you plan, you can ensure your cube storage doors look and work great for years!

These tips allow you to quickly and easily add doors to your cube storage unit. Whether a single or multiple door setup, the right technique will help you get the perfect result!

5 Things You Should Avoid

  1. Ignoring Measurements: One of the most important steps in adding doors to cube storage is taking accurate measurements. Refrain from eyeballing it, as this could lead to incorrect or mismatched door sizes.
  2. Using Weak Hardware: It’s also important to use strong and secure hardware when adding doors to cube storage. Avoid using cheap or flimsy hardware that could break over time.
  3. Using the Wrong Doors: Choose doors that fit your space and design scheme perfectly. Avoid picking out oversized or undersized doors, as they may need to look better when installed.
  4. Cutting Corners: Make sure you add doors to cube storage, avoiding shortcuts that could lead to a poor-looking result.
  5. Forgetting about Functionality: Last but not least, remember functionality when adding doors to cube storage. Consider how the doors will open and close and how they fit in with your overall design needs.
Avoid Picking Out Oversized or Undersized Doors

With this in mind, you can create a functional and attractive cube storage with doors that look and function great!


Adding doors to cube storage can be easily done with a few simple steps and some focus. Not only that but by having the doors, your cube storage system can become more organized and look simply stunning simultaneously. Consider painting or stenciling the doors for an even more custom feel in just minutes.

All in all, cube storage is an affordable, tidy, and effective organizational piece. By utilizing the above steps, you can give it a unique touch with easy-to-install doors!

Hopefully, the article on how to add doors to cube storage has helped provide you with the necessary information to complete this project. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast, these steps can help guide you through the process and create a beautiful setup that will last for years! Happy Crafting, and thanks for reading!

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